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Syndy Digital

The Most Trusted Community For Digital Asset Deals

Only the rich and privileged enjoyed access to exclusive digital assets. Not anymore, enter Syndy Digital.

  • US citizens not allowed
  • KYC required

What is Syndy Digital?

We are a community of professional investors, HNWIs, family offices, funds and businesses, looking to participate in the digital revolution.

As a leading group in the space, we often get access to exclusive deals unavailable anywhere else.

Your Trusted Source for Digital Assets.

How does Syndy Digital work?

Sign up for free

Once approved, you’ll get free access to our private community.

Get exclusive deals

Our negotiators work on getting exclusive deals for the community from reliable sources. Once a deal is ready, you’ll get alerted via email, Telegram, mobile apps and presented a summary of the deal in the member area.

The freedom to choose

If you like what you see, you can jump in with the rest of the community. If not, no problem. You are never required to buy a particular digital asset. You can pick the deals you like and leave the rest.

Enjoy the extra discounts

Our prices are often just as good as or even better than those offered to hedge funds and venture capital firms! We don’t hesitate to take advantage of available opportunities on the still inefficient secondary markets.

More than digital assets

Digital asset deals are great, but the relationships and insights are priceless. Our friendly community is very active on Telegram.

You should be advised that our deals are strictly confidential. Sharing any details publicly can result in a termination of your membership.

Crypto Enthusiasts, Influencers & Advisors

A Match Made on the Moon

Syndy Digital is the fabric connecting buyers and sellers to opportunity.

On one side

Our members represent a large cross-section of digital asset buyers seeking good deals from reliable sources.

On the Other Side

Project founders, VC firms and HNWIs are willing to offer discounts or exclusive terms to our community in exchange for liquidity we collectively provide.

We bring these two sides together, offering access to digital assets at terms and safety far above industry average, all while giving our community a powerful voice in the digital space.

Syndy Features

AMAs (“Ask Me Anything”)

When funding a project directly, we bring its founders directly into our community. You can ask them anything you like about the project, team, roadmap or tokenomics.

Pledge Through our System

You can declare your intention to enter a deal through our pledging system. Pledging helps us estimate the volume our entire community will want to buy and grants you priority.

Earn your reputation

As a member, you’ll be rewarded for sticking to your pledges. You’ll get perks like priority access to oversubscribed deals.

Stay Informed

You’ll have access to our chat room, where community members discuss projects and deals through their whole life cycle. This forum means that you’re no longer alone in figuring out what caused a price swing of any digital asset.

Meet SyndyBot

Our friendly chat bot answers your questions in real-time about deals, offering details like distribution time.

Helping the Entire Crypto Community

Our network includes a volunteer crew of white hat hackers ready to help our community members in need of emergency support.

Apply here for our help.